Majorica Pearl Earrings

Majorica Pearl Earrings For over 100 years, Majorica pearl earrings have been known all over the world as the pearls of the Mediterranean.

Majorica pearl wedding earrings - from classic pearls to contemporary pearl earrings, wearing a pair of Majorica bridal earrings will help you create the look that expresses your unique style. [Read More]
Double Pearl Drop with CZ's
Code: OME1445SPW
Price: $135.00
Majorica Long Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: OME1299SPW
Price: $225.00
Pearl Earrings in CZ Pave Setting
Code: 72553SPCW
Price: $145.00
Pearl & CZ Charms
Code: OME1506SEW
Price: $135.00
Majorica Romance Chandelier Earrings
Code: 72441SPW
Price: $209.00
Majorica Pearl Butterfly Earrings
Code: I2383SPW
Price: $105.00
Majorica Double Pearl Drop Earrings SALE!!
Code: OME1168PW
Price: $75.00
Pearl Studs with Sparkle
Code: OME1618SW
Price: $155.00
Dreams Do Come True Pearl Earrings
Code: 08962SPCW
Price: $100.00
White 8mm Pearl Studs with CZ Accent
Code: OME0894SPW
Price: $85.00
Majorica Gray & White Pearl Drop Earrings SALE!!
Code: OME1264SEM
Price: $72.00
Majorica Classic Pearl Earrings 8mm Gold Vermeil
Code: 720338PW-2
Price: $55.00
Majorica Classic Pearl Earrings 10mm Gold Vermeil
Code: 720337PW-2
Price: $60.00
Champagne Pearl Studs 10mm
Code: 720359VPC-10mm
Price: $60.00