Laura Jayne Hair Jewelry

Laura Jayne Hair Jewelry Laura Jayne bridal designs offers a variety of bridal hair accessories. You will find traditional crystal combs and organza flowers as well as unique re-embroidered soft flowers designs adorned with crystals & pearls on hair combs & clips.

Her specialty is bridal hair vines featuring delicate sprays of crystals & fascinators combining her gorgeous flowers with tulle & French net. You will also discover a range of crystal headbands created on traditional bands as well as on ribbons which can also be made as a belt.
Clara Platinum Floral Hair Comb
Code: C4032
Price: $245.00
Sparkling Floral Bridal Band
Code: T4007-pearl
Price: $210.00
Duet of Soft Flowers Comb
Code: C3078
Price: $113.00
Majestic Hair Comb
Code: C3079
Price: $188.00
Embroidered Tulle  Floral Comb
Code: C2045
Price: $195.00
Organza Rhinestone Vintage Flower
Code: C046
Price: $150.00
Petite Fleur Barrette
Code: BAR021
Price: $163.00
Plume Filigree Statement Comb
Code: C0253
Price: $275.00
Delicate Vine Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C3077
Price: $238.00
Veronique Convertible Hair Ribbon & Belt
Code: T306
Price: $200.00
Convertible Medallion Hair Ribbon & Belt
Code: T3064-R
Price: $238.00
Regalia Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C111-SC
Price: $195.00
Matinee Art Deco Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C041
Price: $135.00
Gold Foliage Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C087
Price: $173.00
Helena Convertible Tiara
Code: T588
Price: $214.00
Rafaella Convertible Bracelet Tiara
Code: T3039
Price: $238.00
Vivienne Jeweled Floral Headband
Code: T3067
Price: $315.00
Gabrielle Bridal Tiara Comb
Code: T552C
Price: $195.00
Myra Delicate Crystal Bridal Comb
Code: C038
Price: $115.00
Josee Bridal Hair Fascinator
Code: C2066
Price: $110.00
Passion Hair Comb
Code: C119
Price: $325.00
Delicate Deco Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C4038
Price: $150.00
Marni Petite Bridal Barrette
Code: BAR2048
Price: $105.00